About Us - "Mutual Respect is the Foundation of our Success."

About Suri Infra - Interio ( I ) PVT LTD.


We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves to you as a specialized Interior and Salvage Contractor for well known Corporated Offices as per Interior and Salvage Projects. Having executed Large Scale Projects in the Stipulated Time Frames given by our Clients and Architects, we Aspire to Echo our Achievements in the Interior Contracting through the Country.

The Enclosed Client list and projects executed by us proves our Credibility to execute Large Scale Project. With our Respected and Satisfied Clients, we are proud to say that we are emerging as one of the best Interior and Salvage Firms in the country.

We would appreciate if you could consider us for your projects. We assure that if you given an opportunity, we would execute your projects to the best of our Abilites and Projects Management Capabilities.

Hoping to render our Services and Build Up our Long Lasting Relationship within your Organization.

Core Work


Safety is a Responsibilty of Every Employee. At Suri Infra - Interio, we understand that Accidents are prevented through Cautious Planning, Appropriate Training and Co-operative Efforts in All Areas of our Operations. All our work is Performed in the Safest Possible Manner.

The challenges and advancements faced by the Interior & Salvage Industries are unique in terms of safety. When methods and techniques have improved in a manner that consistently increasing efficiency and productivity, the accident incidence for Construction of Interior & Removing of Salvage continues to be a concern, particularly as highrise buildings are being executed throughout India. Effective preventive measures are therefore always identified and implemented at all our work sites.


We are a team of professionals consisting of Competent Architects, Engineers and Project Managers supported by Experienced & High Skilled Work men enabling us to execute varied challenging projects to the utmost satisfaction of our clients.



We at Suri Infra - Interio remain true to our founding values of providing Quality, Honesty and Hard Work, instilled right from the outset by our Founder - A.K Suri.

We eandeavour to adhere to the Highest Ethical Standards in the industry. We have been accepted by the Interior & Salvage Industry as a trustworthy business of service and personal attention to clients. As a result of this reputation, Suri Infra - Interio has the Honor and Previlage of leading some of the Highest Profile Projects in India.


We recognize that our primary asset is our people, and that a Truly Successful Company needs to be a Rewarding Work Enviornment to its staff. Our Organization for our Team to reach their Optimum Potential. We believe that Mutual Respect forms the Base of our Success.


Lasting Relationships are the Lifeblood of Business in our Industry. At all times, we strive for Solutions that best achieve our Client's Needs and Goals. Our Staff's Ability and Commitment to finding these Solutions is what Distinguishes us. We provide Consistent Personal and Individual Attention to all our Clients.

650 Projects Completed
144 Fresh Ideas
552 Satisfied Clients
261 Cups of Coffee